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Is it road....or all of the above?!

What's the difference between all-road, gravel, gravel adventure and cyclocross? Or are they all the same, is it all in the name and interpretation?

So, what is a gravel bike and should you buy one?


Essentially a road race bike with bigger (33/35mm) tyre clearance, racier geometry and a tight (not particuarly low) range of gears. Flattened top tube for carrying on the shoulder. No provision for mudguards. Basically, to race on flattish fields for an hour = cyclocross.


Some of the above. Road endurance geometry to deal with longer distances. Lower gearing to cope with more aggressive terrains, mudguard capability (rack/mudguard mounts). All-road generally refers to a 30mm-ish tyre clearance, gravel 32-38mm and gravel adventure 40-45mm. All-road bikes are generally the lightest, the beefier gravel adventure bikes slightly heavier.


Orro Terra C full carbon | big tyre clearance | 1x11 drivetrain

Orro Terra C Hydro |aluminium | 2x11 drivetrain | 38mm tyre clearance

Focus Paralane |aluminium and full carbon variants | £1000 - £5000 | 30mm tyre clearance = all road/light gravel

Whyte Friston |aluminium | 1x11 drivetrain | 40mm tyre clearance

Whyte Dorset |aluminiuim | 2x9 drivetrain | 32mm tyre clearance | mens - Dorset, womens = Devon

Focus Mares cyclocross

Orro Terra Gravel |aluminium | 2x11 drivetrain | 38mm tyre clearance

Scott Speedster Gravel |aluminium | 2x11 drivetrain | 38mm tyre clearance

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