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Cyclo Cross

FOCUS Mares CX 1.0 Rapha 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Mares CX Rival 2017 *Current Offer

SCOTT CX Comp *Current Offer

Electric Bikes

BIANCHI Aria E-Road Di2 2020

FOCUS Whistler2

HAIBIKE All Mtn 5 2021
HAIBIKE All Mtn 7 2021
HAIBIKE AllMtn 1 2021
HAIBIKE Hardseven 7 2022
HAIBIKE Life 4.0 2021
HAIBIKE Trekking 4 Low Step 2022
HAIBIKE Trekking 4 Low-Step 2021
HAIBIKE Trekking 6 2022

LAPIERRE e-Crosshill 5.2 2022

RALEIGH Motus Lowstep 2022
RALEIGH Centros 2022
RALEIGH Motus Grand Tour hub 2022
RALEIGH Motus Low Step
RALEIGH Motus Tour 2022
RALEIGH Motus Tour Plus 2022

RIESE & MULLER Charger3 Vario 2021 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Charger4 2022
RIESE & MULLER Homage GT Vario 2021 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Multicharger GT Vario 2020 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Multicharger Mixte GT Vario 2021 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Nevo GT rohloff 2022
RIESE & MULLER Roadster Vario 2021 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Supercharger2 GT Rohloff 2021
RIESE & MULLER Superdelite GT Vario 2021 *Current Offer
RIESE & MULLER Swing City 2022
RIESE & MULLER Tinker Vario 2022 *Current Offer

SCOTT Addict eRIDE 10 Bike 2021
SCOTT Addict eRide 20 2021

WHYTE E-160 RS v2 2022
WHYTE E-180 RS v3 2022
WHYTE e-180 S V3 2022
WHYTE e504 2022
WHYTE e505 2022
WHYTE Whyte E-160 S V2 2022

Frames - Road Racing

KINESIS Decade Convert 2 *Current Offer

Hybrid - All Terrain

WHYTE Malvern V3 2022

Hybrid - Urban

MODA Chord *Current Offer
MODA Chord Compact Double 2012 *Current Offer
MODA Chord Triple 2012 *Current Offer

Leisure Bikes - Folding Bikes

RIESE & MULLER Birdy City 2019

Mountain Bikes - Front Suspension

MODA Rondo *Current Offer

WHYTE 19 Alloy *Current Offer
WHYTE 403 V3 2022
WHYTE 429 V2 2022
WHYTE 529 V4 2022
WHYTE 603 V3 2022
WHYTE 604 V3 2022
WHYTE 605 V4 2022
WHYTE 901 V4 2022
WHYTE 905 V4 2022

Mountain Bikes - Full Suspension

FOCUS Super Bud 5.0 *Current Offer

MODA Presto *Current Offer

SCOTT Genius 50 *Current Offer
SCOTT Genius 940 *Current Offer
SCOTT Spark 50 2011 *Current Offer
SCOTT Spark 950 2013 *Current Offer
SCOTT Spark 950 2021

WHYTE T-129 Works 2014 *Current Offer
WHYTE Whyte G-180 S 2022

Road Bikes

BH L60 *Current Offer
BH L70 *Current Offer
BH L75 *Current Offer
BH L75 2007 *Current Offer

BIANCHI Infinito CV Athena Black/Red 2015 *Current Offer
BIANCHI Oltre XR1 Athena *Current Offer
BIANCHI Oltre XR1 Chorus 2016
BIANCHI Oltre XR1 Ultegra 2016 *Current Offer
BIANCHI Oltre XR1 Ultegra 2015
BIANCHI Oltre XR2- Chorus 11spd 2015
BIANCHI Oltre XR2- Chorus 11spd 2016 *Current Offer
BIANCHI Oltre XR4 - Red eTap 11sp Compact 2018
BIANCHI Oltre XR4 CV Disc - Ultegra Di2 2020 2020

CERVELO Caledonia-5 Ultegra Di2 Disc Road Bike 2021
CERVELO R2 105 *Current Offer
CERVELO R3 Dura Ace 2018 *Current Offer
CERVELO R3 Ultegra *Current Offer
CERVELO R3 Ultegra Disc Di2 *Current Offer
CERVELO R5 Disc Di2 *Current Offer
CERVELO S2 105 2017 *Current Offer
CERVELO S3 Ultegra Di2 Disc 2019 *Current Offer
CERVELO S3 Ultegra Disc *Current Offer
CERVELO S5 Dura-Ace Di2 *Current Offer
CERVELO S5 Ultegra Di2 Disc 2019 *Current Offer

FACTOR Factor One Disc Rolling Chassis 2019
FACTOR O2 Dura Ace Di2 2017 *Current Offer
FACTOR One S etap 2017 *Current Offer
FACTOR One S Frameset 2017

FELT F75 *Current Offer

FOCUS Cayo 105 2016 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo 3.0 Ultegra Disc *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 2.0 2012 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 2.0 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 3.0 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 3.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 3.0 2012 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 4.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 5.0 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 6.0 (Compact Double) 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo 6.0 Black Edition 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo Dura Ace Superlight 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo Dura-Ace LTD 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Cayo Evo Superlight 2013
FOCUS Cayo Tiagra LTD Concept 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro 1.0 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro 5.0 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro SL 1.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro SL 2.0 2015 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro SL 3.0 2015 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro SL 3.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Culebro SL 4.0 2015 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Ergoride Ultegra 2016
FOCUS Izalco Max Disc 8.7 2019
FOCUS Izalco Max Dura Ace Di2 2016 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Max Ultegra 2016 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Pro 3.0 Compact 2013 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Pro 3.0 Premium 2013
FOCUS Izalco Race Ultegra R8000 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Team SL 3.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Izalco Team SL 4.0 2014 *Current Offer
FOCUS Paralane 105 2017 *Current Offer
FOCUS Paralane 105 2018
FOCUS Paralane Al Apex 2017 *Current Offer
FOCUS Paralane Al Donna Tiagra Disc 2017
FOCUS Paralane AL Tiagra 2017 *Current Offer
FOCUS Paralane eTAP 2017 *Current Offer
FOCUS Paralane eTap 2018
FOCUS Paralane Ultegra 2018
FOCUS Paralane Ultegra di2 2018

FORME Reflex 2011

KINESIS Gran Fondo 2008
KINESIS Racelight T2 V2

KTM Strada 2000 2015

MODA Bolero *Current Offer
MODA Forte *Current Offer
MODA Major *Current Offer
MODA Molto *Current Offer
MODA Tempo *Current Offer

ORRO Gold Evo 105 Hydo 2022
ORRO Gold Limited Dura Ace 2015 *Current Offer
ORRO Gold STC 2021
ORRO Terra C 105 Hydro 2022
ORRO Terra C 1x Shimano GRX600 2020
ORRO Terra C Apex 2021
ORRO Terra C Ekar 2021
ORRO Terra C Rival etap 2022
ORRO Terra G 2022
ORRO Terra Gravel hydraulic 2021
ORRO Venturi Di2 Airbeat 2021
ORRO Venturi Evo 2022
ORRO Venturi Rival AXS Airbeat 2022
ORRO Venturi STC Rival AXS 2022
ORRO Venturi Wind 400

RALEIGH Revenio 1 *Current Offer
RALEIGH Revenio 2 *Current Offer

SCOTT Addict 10 2020
SCOTT Addict 20 2014 *Current Offer
SCOTT Addict R3 2011 *Current Offer
SCOTT Addict RC 10
SCOTT Addict RC Premium 2020
SCOTT Contessa Solace 35 2014 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Comp 2011 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Comp (Triple) 2011 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Pro 2010 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Pro *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Team 2011 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Team 2010 *Current Offer
SCOTT CR1 Team (Triple) *Current Offer
SCOTT Foil 20 2012 *Current Offer
SCOTT Foil 20 2021
SCOTT Foil 40 2012 *Current Offer
SCOTT Solace 20 *Current Offer
SCOTT Speedster 60 2013-14 *Current Offer
SCOTT Speedster S20 (Triple) 2011 *Current Offer

STORCK Aerfast 2016 *Current Offer
STORCK Fenomalist *Current Offer
STORCK Scenero 2014 *Current Offer
STORCK Visioner Comp *Current Offer
STORCK Visioner CSL 2015 *Current Offer

TIFOSI Auriga Ultegra 2018 *Current Offer
TIFOSI CK7 Disc 105 2019
TIFOSI CK7 Disc Tiagra *Current Offer
TIFOSI Mons Chorus 2018 *Current Offer
TIFOSI Mons Ultegra *Current Offer
TIFOSI Scalare Centaur *Current Offer

WHYTE Wessex 2020
WHYTE Wessex Di2 2020 *Current Offer
WHYTE Whyte Dean V2 2022

WILIER Cento 1 Air Ultegra 11 2014 *Current Offer
WILIER Cento 1 SR Ultegra 2014 *Current Offer
WILIER Cento Uno Athena 2012 *Current Offer
WILIER Gran Turismo Athena *Current Offer
WILIER Gran Turismo Centaur *Current Offer
WILIER La Triestina 2012 *Current Offer

Road Bikes - Flatbar

CLAUD BUTLER Levante *Current Offer

FOCUS Carbon Superlight Flatbar 2014 *Current Offer

TimeTrial / Triathlon

CERVELO P Force eTap AXS 1 2021
CERVELO PX5 Etap 2017

FELT B12 2011

FOCUS Izalco Chrono 3.0 2013 *Current Offer

SCOTT Plasma 20 *Current Offer

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